Sunday, April 17, 2005

Iccho Japanese Restaurant

I had dinner at the Iccho Japanese Restaurant in Causeway Bay, HK, on friday night with some friends.
This is one of the 3 IJR's in Causeway Bay, bang opposite Time Square. Well, there are 5 in HK SAR.

Iccho Japanese Restaurant Posted by Hello

Inside the restaurant tables are set in many rows Posted by Hello

You can also choose to sit on the floor Posted by Hello

The menu with pictures Posted by Hello

Miso soup with rice and pickle Posted by Hello

Beef Noodles with paper fish...Well not exactly paper but it does look like that! Posted by Hello

Eel with rice and eggs. Beef Curry with udon. Posted by Hello

Tofu! The star! Posted by Hello

Mushroom and chicken omelette Posted by Hello

Sushi! Yoo hoo! Posted by Hello

Sake Tenny. $25 HKD. Sake shaken with I know not what. An olive to add to the looks. Posted by Hello

Food is tasty. On an average a dish costs around $70 HKD. Good experience.