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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Modern Chinese Restaurant, Times Square

I wanted to eat eggs that day!

And lamb!!

Some noodles as well

And the tea, for which you have to pay by default. Murderers! It cost around HK$120 per head.

Top Choice Restaurant, Sha Tin

Top Choice Restaurant, Sha Tin

More branch addresses

The entrance, you could not miss it. It's right next to the public toilets ;-))

Veggies and tofu

Noodles with Pork

Veggie noodles. This place is very reasonably priced but I was pissed with the way they mixed/missed orders. I had a very bad stomach ache waiting for the food to arrive. Esp. Xiao Long Bao. Nobody messes with Xia Long Bao!!! Service is SLOW! But both days were happy occasions, so I got over it quickly.

Peking Garden, Henessey Centre, Causeway Bay

Peking Garden, Henessey Centre, Causeway Bay

The branches

We had gathered to bid farewell to Ambrose who is joining another bank. The food was ordered by Vicky. This is starters.


Fried Dumplings

Sweet Bun

The brown thing was yummy!

Deep-fried octopus/squid. Don't remember which one

Yummy cakes again

Deep Fried popadum twins?

These were too yummy! I had two. Pig!

the usual

Ox-tongue or pig ears? Sorry, its been a long time since that lunch, I don't remember much >.<
More Yucky stuff

Fried stuff again

More fried sweets

These were veggies

More cakes


yeah. they are really sticking upside down like my memory of their names. :-( Not bad for a HK$100 experience.

Korean Restaurant, Central

Korean Restaurant, Central

Loretta picked this one for lunch with her employee (hehehe) and our friends. It was sort of welcome back Indian dutch lunch at a Korean restaurant in China. ;-))

Now is that the Chinese name?

Stanley (not the Chow lah) came up with this innovative way of making a chopstick stand. See how the W separates the sticks. I always do a V since I do not believe in separating them.

The usual kim chi stuff

Hmm. Meat!

How could they eat this spicy stuff! I cannot survive long if I did that

Blurred shot of the pot. My nikon sucks while shooting indoors. Or is it my hand that shakes? Who knows. Gotta get that Panasonic - antishake - Damian showed me at Yuki's wedding banquet. So Cool that was!

BBQ chicken is what I ordered. Cannot have any beef no more. QG master's instructions ;-))

Don't remember what that was. Again a blurred one. :-((

More spicy meaty stuff

And then there were veggies...Overall a reasonably priced place at around HK$55 per head. The staff is Chinese and doesn't recognise Korean names of the dishes. Too bad. May be they should be trained a bit. Anyways, the food did not appeal to me. I have stayed for 3 months in Seoul and this did not taste like Korean food at all! We did manage to spot a few good looking Korean girls though. ;-)) Made up for it. hahaha

Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant, Sai Kung

This is a pretty famous restaurant which offers live seafood for you to pick before you have them cooked/uncooked ;-)). Its got celebrity pics all over the walls.

Yummy and so allergic


Steamed Fish. We had some green veggies too. It cost us a whopping HK$250 a head. Not going back there for a long long time. ;-) Was a very enjoyable evening though. Food was good as usual. This is the place where we usually hang out for office celebrations. Had to skip the next one due to the clash with my QG class timings. :-)

King of the King Restaurant, Central

This was my treat after joining work at the old place ;-))

Pork in mustard

Siu Tong Chhoi - how I love you!

Long shot

Sherman reaches out - Food was ok, very crowded and service was slow. Price is ok! Try it out again sometime.