Sunday, April 24, 2005

Koh-i-noor Indian Restaurant at Taikoo Shing, HK

Koh-i-noor Indian Restaurant at Taikoo Shing, HK

Non-Veg dishes - Reshmi Chicken Kebab, Lamb Roganjosh, Chicken Curry. Meat was cold. And they can never get the lamb right if they don't reduce the size of the chunks. I rate an Indian restaurant depending on lamb. And so this place is low on my list.

Veg dishes - Kofta, fried rice and Spinach Potato

Naan bread. HK people love this very much. But at Koh-i-noor, it is always under cooked and yucky. Never try this here.

Fat Uttapams. Rice cakes with onion, chilli and lentils...

Balls of potato, yoghurt and uttapam. Fried Onion ball as well...I usually drink the Mango Lassi (yoghurt drink) there. Though it tastes the same everytime. Yucky.

That's my lunch. After the nutritionist advised me to eat some meat during lunch, this is my first outing in many weeks.