Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Modern China Restaurant, Causeway Bay

Modern China Restaurant, 10/F, Times Square. A place I keep coming back to...for xiao long bao. :-)) Costs HK$100 per head Posted by Hello

Kool deco Posted by Hello

A cup of warm water, a small bowl, a saucer, a soup spoon, a pair of chopsticks on holder, a wet tissue, a dry tissueand a tooth-pick...these are all you need to survive in a Chinese restaurant...I shall tell you later about holding chopsticks... Posted by Hello

Mostly vegetables Posted by Hello

Sliced Mutton with Chives and parsley. Tortillas to go with it...I had to squeeze in a little bit of lemon to add the tang Posted by Hello

Xiao Long Bao - The best in HK? Too Yummy!! Posted by Hello

Pickled vegetables Posted by Hello

Braised Tofu with mushroom Posted by Hello

Chinese on the China Posted by Hello

Chinese Birthday Buns Posted by Hello