Friday, June 17, 2005

A Black Spot

One night after the movies we went to this place for dinner. Its in Amoy Plaza, Kowloon Bay. I shall update the name later

Xiao Long Bao was tasteless

This is what the sweet and sour chicken dish looked like

This is how they cook chicken dishes in some places in HK - SEPARATELY. They cook the chicken plain. And then add the sauce and heat it up for some time and serve it to poor customers like me. When you cut open the chicken piece you will find that there is no juice inside from the gravy / sauce

And this is the amount of oil in the dish giving you an idea how the chicken was made. FRIED

This vegetable dish cost us tens of dollars. Basically, these guys are cheats. Sub-standard food, high costs. I tried some shrimp (from the fried rice) and had allergic reaction. My stomach bloated up and I had rash on my face and in my food pipe. God bless you all if happen to eat there.

Here is the culprit!