Saturday, September 10, 2005

Perfume River Vietnamese Restaurant, Percival Street, Causeway Bay

Perfume River Vietnamese Restaurant, Percival Street, Causeway Bay (very near Times Square)

Stan, Rik and myself had been working late on a friday nite. Chi sin! And then we decided to head down to Stan's village - CWB. hahaha. It seems he used to live their years ago. Well, he lives there most of his waking evening hours anyways. So we followed his lead down to this place

Rik could not control his excitement on seeing red chillis. He is a sucker for chopped red chillis and launched into story-telling mode. His stories were based on Survival lines. He managed to live on rice and chillis for over a week or something...I was feeling too tired and sleepy to catch all details. It will crop again ;-)) some other time. :-P

I ordered some pineapple rice and had the shrimps taken down by Stan the man. I am allergic to seafood right now! Its an off and on and off and on kind of allergy :-(

This is the vegetable soup Rik ordered...sorry. it was supposed to be a curry but tasted like a wierd soup/stew/whatever. Stan and I tasted some and agreed with him. and so he had it replaced with curry...I guess they just added some curry masala into it and stirred it for sometime...shh Rik must not know..ok?!!

Stan the PC settled for pork chops and rice and managed to finish the whole plate for once! He must have been very hungry. I could not finish mine ;-)). Cost us around $67 HKD per head. Good place for a quick bite but nothing extraordinary about the place...except of course they had the cutest looking waitress I have seen in years. ;-))