Saturday, July 16, 2005

Xiao Nan Guo, Central

Xiao Nan Guo - A Shanghainese restaurant on 3/F of Man Yee Building, Central.
Great smooth food. Rita found out that it belongs to a group and Jenny mentioned being to the original one in Shanghai. It was their birthday treat for me. Two of my favourite ladies from ML. :-) Mummy and Grandmummy. ;-)) Disappointing that George could not make it. Haven't seen him for ages!!

This was spinach, corriander rolled in the tofu sheets

Bean curd and 1000 days eggs

A whole chicken with veggy and dumplings. So yummy!

This is the same stuff - 1 serving was not enough

Fried beans. They claimed that it was not spicy, but I washed away the sauce anyways. Tasty but looked a bit greasy.

Finally, my Chinese birthday cakes hmmm err...buns. Yeah! I am just one year old! Hahaha.

This is what it looks from inside.
It cost around HK$130 per head for a very filling and delicious meal. Superstar recommendation for this restaurant. :-)