Saturday, September 10, 2005

Cafe Mix & Bake, COEX Mall, Seoul

Cafe Mix & Bake, COEX Mall, Seoul

I was meeting my friend Woosung after 7 months. He has changed jobs but was as funny as ever. He could not make it to the airport and so met me at the Westin lobby instead and then we took a bus from Namdaemun to Ganjyam. From there we took the underground to COEX. This is near the Gimme 5 venue. Look at how small his eyes get when he smiles. hahaha

This is an impressive piece. When you order food at that restaurant they will give you one of these. You can go find a place to sit. When your food is ready the device lights up and starts vibrating. You just go back to the counter, return the device and pick up your food ;-) Cool system...

We had tomato spaghetti...

and mango smoothie...I think he opted for kiwi fruit...which I can never really appreciate :-) fruits I mean..The dinner cost us less than KRW 7000 (thats US$7) per head. Wonder if I will ever be back at that mall again...

Hwa Sun Korean Restaurant, Seoul - My favourite restaurant in Seoul.

Hwa Sun Korean Restaurant, Seoul - My favourite restaurant in Seoul.

Cecilia had been sick with flu for a few days already but she was kind enough to miss her sister's bday dinner (dunno if that was really because of a conference call) and take me out to my favourite Korean restaurant in Seoul.

Hite and Sungwoo joined us as well. She had passed her driving test again ;-) I won't tell you any more about that. I promised her last time.

the Korean dinner started off with a round of different kinds of kim chi and bean curd

as the stove anticipated the Kook Soo Chongol (dont worry if I spell it wrong 10/10). Its my favourite dish ;-)

the noodles were served (meat and vegetables boiled in the hot pot of water with the noodles added in) by the very friendly waitress there.

I think it is owned by a family and they run the business. Even in the dead of winter, they were doing pretty well. I did miss the little baby girl who was playing with her aunty last time.

Korean omelette ;-)

And then the best part. I was the only one who managed to finish both the noodles and the chongol! I love it so much!!

I found something very interesting there. This is a celebrity tree with people taking pictures with it. You don't realize why until....

you get up, close and personal!! Hahaha!! I promised myself to return to this restaurant everytime I visit Seoul. Thats how much I love chongol there. ;-)

Perfume River Vietnamese Restaurant, Percival Street, Causeway Bay

Perfume River Vietnamese Restaurant, Percival Street, Causeway Bay (very near Times Square)

Stan, Rik and myself had been working late on a friday nite. Chi sin! And then we decided to head down to Stan's village - CWB. hahaha. It seems he used to live their years ago. Well, he lives there most of his waking evening hours anyways. So we followed his lead down to this place

Rik could not control his excitement on seeing red chillis. He is a sucker for chopped red chillis and launched into story-telling mode. His stories were based on Survival lines. He managed to live on rice and chillis for over a week or something...I was feeling too tired and sleepy to catch all details. It will crop again ;-)) some other time. :-P

I ordered some pineapple rice and had the shrimps taken down by Stan the man. I am allergic to seafood right now! Its an off and on and off and on kind of allergy :-(

This is the vegetable soup Rik ordered...sorry. it was supposed to be a curry but tasted like a wierd soup/stew/whatever. Stan and I tasted some and agreed with him. and so he had it replaced with curry...I guess they just added some curry masala into it and stirred it for sometime...shh Rik must not know..ok?!!

Stan the PC settled for pork chops and rice and managed to finish the whole plate for once! He must have been very hungry. I could not finish mine ;-)). Cost us around $67 HKD per head. Good place for a quick bite but nothing extraordinary about the place...except of course they had the cutest looking waitress I have seen in years. ;-))

AZABUSABO on Kimberley Road, TST

AZABUSABO on Kimberley Road, TST.

Stan and I dropped in to grab a quick bite before one of his football manager meetings...and my painful back treatment session

Besides the meaningless salad and soup

they did have some good chicken!

and good looking dessert. Stan ate it all. Reasonably priced and quick service. Convenient since it is next to the doctor's and away from the noise and crowds in TST