Sunday, November 06, 2005

Peking Garden, Henessey Centre, Causeway Bay

Peking Garden, Henessey Centre, Causeway Bay

The branches

We had gathered to bid farewell to Ambrose who is joining another bank. The food was ordered by Vicky. This is starters.


Fried Dumplings

Sweet Bun

The brown thing was yummy!

Deep-fried octopus/squid. Don't remember which one

Yummy cakes again

Deep Fried popadum twins?

These were too yummy! I had two. Pig!

the usual

Ox-tongue or pig ears? Sorry, its been a long time since that lunch, I don't remember much >.<
More Yucky stuff

Fried stuff again

More fried sweets

These were veggies

More cakes


yeah. they are really sticking upside down like my memory of their names. :-( Not bad for a HK$100 experience.