Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Korean Sweets from Nari :-) Thanks.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Xiao Nan Guo, Central

Xiao Nan Guo - A Shanghainese restaurant on 3/F of Man Yee Building, Central.
Great smooth food. Rita found out that it belongs to a group and Jenny mentioned being to the original one in Shanghai. It was their birthday treat for me. Two of my favourite ladies from ML. :-) Mummy and Grandmummy. ;-)) Disappointing that George could not make it. Haven't seen him for ages!!

This was spinach, corriander rolled in the tofu sheets

Bean curd and 1000 days eggs

A whole chicken with veggy and dumplings. So yummy!

This is the same stuff - 1 serving was not enough

Fried beans. They claimed that it was not spicy, but I washed away the sauce anyways. Tasty but looked a bit greasy.

Finally, my Chinese birthday cakes hmmm err...buns. Yeah! I am just one year old! Hahaha.

This is what it looks from inside.
It cost around HK$130 per head for a very filling and delicious meal. Superstar recommendation for this restaurant. :-)

Mango from Tomb Raider on my birthday

Mango Sweet and

Mango Juice from the Tomb Raider on my birthday. My love for Mango grows by the day. God made mangoes and then he made keep balance in this universe. Hahaha!

Peking Garden, Tai Koo Shing

Peking Garden. A beautifully decorated restaurant. It is a big-sized restaurant. Somehow I felt that most of the waiters were on leave. There were so many tables and so few waiters. You have to order your food and wait a while before it arrives. Cost us HK$75. I have omitted the Xiao Long Bao pics. Not that great.

Diced red chilli ordered by SN

Some green veggies

This was so yummy!!

Beautiful wooden coaster

The eagle somehow reminded me of Taita's emblem from the 7th Scroll and River God books by Wilbur Smith. Though no broken wings here.

Stan ordered these...

Sunday, July 03, 2005

encyclopedia of spices

encyclopedia of spices

Cafe Deco, The Peak

The House Salad

Plain Naan

Smoked duck pizza

Someone else had ordered this pizza but it was served to us...and then snatched away just before we could plunge our knives into it. ;-))

This is an expensive place to eat. It's got great view and you need to queue up on weekends. It has a very romantic setting.
This meal cost us HK$140 per head. Staff are polite and prompt.

Rice with Bitter Melon and Tofu. A healthy way to lose weight. ;-) And great for the lungs.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Taiwan bowled over by toilet-themed restaurant

Taiwan bowled over by toilet-themed restaurant -