Thursday, April 28, 2005

Din Tai Fung, Whampoa Gourmet

Din Tai Fung , Chinese restaurant in Whampoa Posted by Hello

Rice noodles with soup (made from mung beans with fried bean curd and pork rolls - minced pork wrapped in sheets of bean curd) Posted by Hello

Fried rice with egg and shredded pork Posted by Hello

Siu Tong Pak Choy (short pak choy) - Yummy! Posted by Hello

And my favourite Xiao Long Bao (with pork filling). The sauce inside it was not as tangy. But overall taste was pretty good. Posted by Hello

Well-lit, spacious, comfortable chairs, good service. The temperature of water was lukewarm (a rare thing in HK where most restaurants will serve boiling hot water). The choice of food was limited to around 60 dishes. The taste of the food was not very strong and hence quite good. Since we ordered 2 sets of xiao long bao the cost came upto around $100 per head, else around $75.