Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hwa Sun Korean Restaurant, Seoul - My favourite restaurant in Seoul.

Hwa Sun Korean Restaurant, Seoul - My favourite restaurant in Seoul.

Cecilia had been sick with flu for a few days already but she was kind enough to miss her sister's bday dinner (dunno if that was really because of a conference call) and take me out to my favourite Korean restaurant in Seoul.

Hite and Sungwoo joined us as well. She had passed her driving test again ;-) I won't tell you any more about that. I promised her last time.

the Korean dinner started off with a round of different kinds of kim chi and bean curd

as the stove anticipated the Kook Soo Chongol (dont worry if I spell it wrong 10/10). Its my favourite dish ;-)

the noodles were served (meat and vegetables boiled in the hot pot of water with the noodles added in) by the very friendly waitress there.

I think it is owned by a family and they run the business. Even in the dead of winter, they were doing pretty well. I did miss the little baby girl who was playing with her aunty last time.

Korean omelette ;-)

And then the best part. I was the only one who managed to finish both the noodles and the chongol! I love it so much!!

I found something very interesting there. This is a celebrity tree with people taking pictures with it. You don't realize why until....

you get up, close and personal!! Hahaha!! I promised myself to return to this restaurant everytime I visit Seoul. Thats how much I love chongol there. ;-)