Monday, May 02, 2005

Little Basil - Grand Century Place, Mong Kok

Little Basil - Grand Century Place, Mong Kok Posted by Hello

The interior has a Kool design Posted by Hello

Fried rice with smoked duck, cashew nuts, red capsicum, red chilli. Lychee was the special touch. Posted by Hello

How can we have a meal without green vegetables. :-) Posted by Hello

Little basil dish. This one is just a pic. ;-) Posted by Hello

All the dishes are very creative and hence costly! Posted by Hello

This restaurant belongs to m.a.x. concepts. There is another one at Telford Plaza, Kowloon Bay.
The big brother - Thai Basil - is at Pacific Place, Admiralty.
Total bill was HK$56 per head. Well, not that costly after all...
Friendly staff and good service. Will go back, surely.